Friday, May 1, 2009

Patented Nutrition BAR that turns FAT into Fuel

Hi Everyone,

Yes you read the title correctly.The company I enrolled with has over 400 products,on the fortune 500,no debt and a very lucrative package for those looking for residual income.You never sell anything or handle money.
I wanted to share this one product for knowledge because we all seem to fight with our weight constantly but here's a way to benefit from exercise or just activity if your looking to burn fat for fuel and lose some weight.
I cannot name the product or the company on my blog but I can detail to you how this works.If your interested in learning more about it then send an email to with Wellness in the subject line and include your name and phone number and I will gladly give you a call and give you the info you need to purchase the bar and any of the other 400 wellness and environmentally safe products.
This bar is the FIRST and only patented FAT conversion activity bar around for enhanced workouts and to reduce body fat.During exercise,you create adenosine - a natural by-product that can slow fat burning and eventually halt sustained activity.Adenosine promotes lactic acid buildup causing fatigue and muscle stiffness.
The ingredients in this bar naturally block the energy sapping effects of adenosine so muscles use less sugar and more stored fat for energy.This helps to give you greater endurance with less fatigue and in turn processes fat into fuel, working differently than any other energy bars.
I hope to hear from all Twitters that exercise or really active or those wanting to lose weight.


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