Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Are you the Master or the Servant?

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure most of us have heard the expression "are YOU sitting on the chair...or is the CHAIR sitting on you"?It is a classic statement of good versus evil,lower forces versus the spirit.I was enlightened very early about lower forces from my groups and rightly so.It seems everything revolves and evolves around the battle of lower forces and spirit.Just to enlighten those who may not have a complete understanding of what I said above,when YOU are sitting on the chair..it implies you have mastery over your life and you are in control of everyday life events.When the CHAIR is sitting on you it implies that the lower forces have mastery over your life and you are the servant to daily life events.Lets talk a bit about the lower forces.
Do you remember in the older movies,the classics, when a character had a moral decision to make and on his/her right shoulder was an angel talking into his/her ear and on the left shoulder the devil would be talking in his/her left ear.The classic push/pull.In real life that's exactly what goes on with the lower forces and spirit.To give a simple example of a lower force,it is something that tries to control you.There is no balance and actions are erratic.When your lower forces are controlling the show,it becomes the path of most resistance.When your come from spirit then you walk a path of least resistance and everything flows.That is one way to know where you're at with the battle of lower forces versus spirit.The lower forces don't want a healthy and spiritual you and they certainly don't want to take the back seat with life decisions and lose control of their domain.They want chaos and plenty of it.A path of most resistance filled with turmoil and grief.In death, it is documented that every organ fights to remain alive(all have a lower force) and yet the spirit is ready and peaceful and accepts the passing.
Whatever life decision confronts us, one should ask "what is in our best interests". I hear you already saying..."how do we know whats best for us"? I'm going to share with you that your first thought that enters your head and heart is answered by your spirit.That inner light that fills us and is the great decider of moral and good decisions through our life in this world.It may only take a split second to happen.You're on a diet and see a cake and your response is."I shouldn't have that cake"!In the next couple of seconds your lower forces say "it's alright,one little piece won't hurt you"! This happens so many times everyday.When we feel strongly about a number in a lottery or horse race and change our mind,it's almost assured that if you had stuck with your first impression (receiving) you would have won with that number.You meet someone and the first few seconds you receive "this guy/gal is bad news" but in the next breath the lower forces remind you that "your lonely and what harm could it do to go out just once".We've all been there and done that and one date turns into 2 etc until months or years have gone by and your looking across the table wondering why your with that person.
That first split second thought is actually receiving from your guides or angels that have aligned themselves with you.You can use your guides to share with you anything you want to know about...if your willing to listen and accept what the answer is.You will however be challenged by your lower forces immediately.Any thought you have as your sitting,daydreaming or writing and you get an answer right away is receiving if it all happens in a split second of the thought.It can help and guide you with all life's mysteries and questions about self.All you need to do is believe you are receiving,surrender and follow the guidance.Remember...keep a quick eye what may be lurking in the dark corners of your mind because it's not in the best interests of your lower forces to have you follow spirit which is full of light,love and Godliness.


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