Monday, May 25, 2009

Are You Happy?

Hi Everyone,

Stop for 5 minutes and sit down with a nice cup of Joe and stare out the window.Get lost in the sun,clouds,rain,whatever the weather is and float back in your mind to one of the happiest moments in your life.Feel that moment.Live it over again.pretty awesome isn't it.
Now come back into the moment and after feeling that, ask yourself, "Am I Happy"?Be totally truthful with yourself...are you truly happy?Most days,we are too busy with life to even stop and reflect whether were happy or not.Are you travelling the path of least resistance?I would predict,especially with the worlds events and personal events that most of us are experiencing we all would welcome a happier life about now.
For all those who said "yes I'm happy"...great!For those who said "I'm not happy" I want your to try something.Write a list of things that bring you to your happiest state of being.List them and then look at them.Choose just one thing from that list that brings you this great joy and DO IT everyday.Put the list on the fridge and choose a new happy moment everyday.Take the time from your busy schedules and just decide today is the start of treating myself to something that will make life a happy place for me.Sound Dumb?
No,it's not dumb at all.We have forgotten about happiness.As adults we only smile 30 times a day...IF!Children smile over 400 times a day!!! Whats wrong with this picture?I know what your going to say.The stress,pressures worry etc.All excuses.If you have to go back and be a kid again...DO IT.The way you'll see life will change.You will regain a life of abundance.Abundance of love,relationships,energy,patience and surrender.Laugh my friends and make others laugh.The best medicine in the world.

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