Thursday, May 7, 2009

We Teach Best What We Most Need To Learn

Hi Everyone,

Does the heading confuse you?Intimidate you?It did me when I first was introduced to this saying.I had been picking up momentum doing talks as a medium for my spirit groups and it started to intensify.The groups were getting much larger to hear their words but it started to seem that everyone had the same questions but presenting them in a different way.So the questions were answered and the enlightenment shed upon those attending including myself.
When I heard that expression I went through a state of "oh really"...LoL.Not the humblest response at the time.I didn't really understand it until many years later.I coined a phrase or I think I coined it,about "people having an inflated sense of self worth".Not realizing it,this really applied to me.Here I thought I was helping so many people with enlightenment and guidance through my spirit guides and all I was doing was feeding my lower forces to make me think I was such a good soul to do this.So there I was on my platform with this inflated sense of self worth not understanding that it was I who needed the understanding to become a better person.The lower forces were making sure I was busy in thought so I wouldn't have the time to reflect on self and maybe see my actions.
As time went forward,I found myself not enjoying the people,their responses and the whole business.I wasn't as enthused about the next day and I found I started to be impatient with the whole process.It came to a point that when I did the sessions,people would be exited and happy and couldn't shower enough praise and love on me but the following day or 2 after there session,they would lash out at me as if I had resurrected some monster in their life.I let their reactions get to me and felt responsible for their grief.I knew what had happened.I had always said to everyone before hand that this session wasn't just a pretend little tea party and we play make believe.Everyone was warned to be careful what the asked and how they asked it and that the responses were real and would have a profound effect upon them.Some took heed but most laughed it off.It was them that responded the harshest.What was revealed to them, shook their inners and what they ignored in their lives that was pushed in a closet, had now surfaced.The acknowledgement that they had to look at themselves and see that which they didn't want to see was too much for many of them.Their accusations that I was wrong,or my guides were wrong or I didn't know what I was saying was their defence mechanism to deflect the brunt of what they saw in the mirror.The responses they heard were the truths, that's why they responded with anger,delivered to me, the messenger.
I beat myself up pretty badly, internally asking if if I had done something wrong to these people.I received I did not.It was the truth that they had to look in the eye,or at the present time anyway.I stepped back and took some time off...lots of time.I only helped those who I felt had truly crossed my path and had been guided to do that.Time and age tends to put a different perspective on life and I see now that I needed to see that my purpose was to use my gift to share with those who had a hurt,a burden,a guilt and a need to feel love and wanted in this world.
I realized I had been the medium that my spirit groups came through but I had been the human that hadn't acted in the eyes as I myself see God.I was not unconditional,loving,caring,sincere.If I had been in tune with those in my contact and had learnt my lessons I would not have been lifeless and hiding behind the "inflated sense of self importance".I was hiding and using my gifts as the scapegoat and not taking responsibility for the words from my spirit guides.I should have been more compassionate and understanding to how the person across from me was feeling and take whatever time it took to explain further and comfort them.Then reassure that to know ones self was a good thing and great growth would come from it...but I responded with "I only relay the words...I am the channel".How sad that I now knew what I had done.
I now pick up where I left off years ago.Yes, with an enlightenment that what we all experience in our lifetimes decide who we are and how we share and respond.Old soul,new doesn't matter.It matters who is standing in front of us.No one is better than anyone else.Remember to embrace everyone who crosses your path with the same caring and unconditional love that you can. You will then see that all roads come back to you no matter what you are best at teaching.


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