Saturday, May 1, 2010

Growing Everyday

How time flies.Pretty much last September for a post but the spiritual growth and wellness related experiences continued to be presented every moment I let them in.I think most interesting was what I learnt in relationship to other peoples reactions and actions.I seemed to go through a period where most everyone I thought I knew...showed a side of themselves I never knew before.Some positive and others negative in their showing.
What I did learn from this was that the negative aspects were the undesired effects of the people experiencing the changes within and having a tough time letting them pass through them,thus creating an inner battle that at times raged on for months on end.No wonder the book stores are filled with "know yourself" books that try to sort out the demons within.
Additionally the psychical burdens on the body compounds the awareness of the importance of what everyone experiences during this growth of self.Some gain weight...others have sleep problems and the list goes on but overall it shows the older we get the more we need to really take care of our outer selves or temple by treating self to hikes and walks,vacations in the sun,family time and just letting loose and having some fun.
Once we go through the acknowledgement,understanding and adjustment we emerge like a butterfly from their cocoon, transformed into something beautiful and grateful for existence.So where ever you are in this experience,know that you will emerge a better person.Let go of the past so the new can bestow itself upon you.