Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Apprehension with Friendliness

Hi Everyone,

Well it's been about 1 week since signing onto Twitter and in stepping back and feeling all the vibes from the posts, that there is a geniune apprehension for people to be friendly to one another.Be it all the scams or just tired of being bomb barded with "try this and that" , everyone is under careful scrutiny.Is it a sign of the times?The bad economic conditions or just saturation of terrible news stories that news casters think the world needs to know?
I feel what happens in this state of being is people "missout" on legitimate connections and opportunities.How many tweets before a connection is made.However one thing is for sure,I'm finding a whole bunch of truly sincere folks that truly care about what they do and how they can help the world.Now all we all have to do is figure how we can unite this energy and make a difference.This almost makes me think of the Borg on Star Trek and the "collective".That was forced oneness but imagine the magnitude of positive energy and great acts of kindnes and love that a massive group could inflict on the world and make a huge difference to all who have yet to waken for the goodness of all mankind.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Reading

Hi Everyone,

I invite anyone to ask 1 life question and I will receive your answer for you from my spirit groups. Please send your question to .

David Lockwood aka spiritfriends

Friday, April 24, 2009

A Leap of Faith

Hi Everyone,

I would like to begin by thanking everyone on Twitter who have chosen to follow me.I am working through the replies to my messages.I wanted to leave everyone with a true story involving myself which asked me for a HUGE leap of faith.
The year was 1988 and the woman and her daughter I was with had moved north of Toronto to a nice cedar and glass house carved into the escarpment.We had lived there for about a year and my partner at the time, was a significant part of my spiritual growth.I had just started to channel and still hadn't figured out where I was hearing this guidance from.Was it made up?Was it lower forces?Or hopefully from my spirit or should I say other spirits.
My receiving gift had helped guide us to this house (which is another story) but at this time we were short in cash for our mortgage which was $1350.00.All we had to our name was $285.00. My partner asked "what are we going to do?"I responded that I would go upstairs and ask my spirit guides what we should do.Now I had just started receiving and wasn't sure if anything would come through or not.
A bit of background first.I had been involved in most aspects of horse racing for years but because money was short I hadn't been to the track for a couple of weeks.I hadn't looked at a race form or followed racing in the newspapers, who was the hot trainer or jockey's at the time .I had my session and came back downstairs and said lets go,were going to Woodbine Racetrack.The look on my partners face along with her daughter reflected exactly what I was feeling.Of all times,why would my guides choose now to ask us to bet on horses.My partner challenged me on this but it was her daughter who stepped forward and said if that's what you received we must have faith and follow the guidance.
I shared that I was to bet $20 to win on the number 8 horse in the 1st race and $20 to win on the 5 horse in the 2nd race.Then I was instructed in my receiving to take a $10 daily double 8 with 5 making the total bet $50.00.So off we went to the races.We headed south and the sky was getting very dark as a summer thunder storm seemed to be forming close to our destination.When we arrived my partner said she couldn't stand the stress of betting $50 of the money we had left to our name and said she would walk around in the shopping mall across from the track.So her daughter and myself headed to the track.As we walked half way through the parking lot a terrible thunder storm erupted.Our little umbrella didn't stand a chance of defending us from the downpour.We arrived drenched and headed to the 2nd floor.I didn't buy a race form or even a program and went straight to a betting window and bet the horses to win and the $10 double.The teller looked funny at me and said "did you hear something on these bets"?I had to smile as I replied that I had.
I walked out to the grandstand and took one look at the track and it was like a bowl of soup.My curiosity got the best of me and I asked someone in front of me if I could see his program.To my dismay,all the horses were maidens with most of them having their first start and on an off track to boot.It stopped raining by the time the race started and all 14 horses went to the gate.When the bell went off and the gates opened,guess which horse was left in the gate?RIGHT!!! The number 8.Down the backstretch they ran with the number 8 picking up a few horses to the far corner.By the far turn the 8 was 10th.By the grandstand turn for the stretch run he was 8th of a well spread field.
To this day,anyone seeing that race would have asked "where did the 8 get his wings"?He turned on the after burners and flew over the stretch to win going away by 3 length's!He paid $36.80 to win for each $2 bet which put $368.00 in our pockets.We were jumping for joy and that certainly took the pressure off the next race although we had no where enough for the mortgage payment.
Race 2 was called to post and a 6 horse field entered the gate.The bell rang and the 2,3 and 4 jumped to lead all in a line with the 5 horse tucked behind the 4.They stayed that way to the stretch where the 5 tipped out and passed them all to win going away and paying $7.20 for a $2 ticket.We collected $72.00 for our $20 bet.The daily double paid $185.00 for each $2 bet for a nice $925 catch.Along with the $368 and $72 we collected $1365.00!Bonus...$15 to spare.
We raced back to the mall and shared the news that what I had received came in as spoken and headed home.That was a beginning of a journey with so many other stories supporting that in leaps of faith we grow in leaps and bounds.
I have been a channel now for some 30+ years.I began with tarot cards,then astrology charts and many other means of receiving until the day my guides started to speak to me.Then besides my guides, came the "spiritfriends" a group of evolved souls and then Yahanna,representing a highly evolved group of angels which had waited a long time to connect with me until my vibration could resonate with them without getting ill.
I have only used my gifts sparingly the past 5 years as I felt the crossing of paths justified my receiving the words for them on their journey's.It is now that I have been moved to once again come front and center and share the words received for those that feel moved to ask.Again my task is to surrender and "let go let God".Whether it's to speak to 1 or to thousands again I am ready for the journey and the adventure.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crohns Disease and Vitality 4

Hi Everyone,

In the previous post I spoke about a product Vitality 4 and how it has improved a diabetic 11 condition.Here is another email sent to me regarding a Crohn's patient.This really hit home to me as I have brothers who are twins that have had Crohn's since they were 9 years young and they are now 38.They have had numerous operations and suffer almost daily with terrible pains.Unfortunately also,my wife is suspected of having a type of Crohn's and will be going through the scope etc in the next month.The great news is she can start taking the Viltality 4 which in this next story is named Daily 4 Life.It is the same product but the company has changed the name to Vitality4:

I have been with a great wellness company now for a little over a year and a half. A few months after I joined, my husband was diagnosed with SEVERE Crohn's disease and was hospitalized.For those of you that do not know, Crohn's is passed on through genetics. My husbands brother has it also, but not severe. A Crohn's patient will in fact have this for the rest of their life...but how it will effect them depends if they can get it under control or not and keep it under control.With Crohn's, if your intestines stay ulcerated, it can lead to cancer, so many times they remove the section of intestine that is irritated. Crohn's disease also causes a low immune system, irregular absorption of nutrients and can lead to blindness to mention a few things. When he first was put on the med's, they seemed to have things a bit under control. But after a few months, things started up again-the pain, the bleeding, the exhaustion. They did many scopings, and tried MANY different meds over the next months to follow.About four months ago, the doctors were at the point that they told us he would be looking at surgery and having that section of his intestine removed and they scheduled the scoping for the first part of this month: this was about 3 months ago now.My husband and I both sat down and talked, and realized NONE of the meds they has been putting him on were doing anything, they actually seemed to be making him worse.We both agreed we had nothing to lose, so we took him off the steroids, med's, etc and put him on the wellness company's Daily 4 Life. He was on this for approx 2 months when we went in for the scoping. HE IS IN COMPLETE REMISSION!!!His intestines are healed over. NO ULCERATIONS!The wellness company and the Daily 4 Life truly have given us our lives back. We are both on the Daily 4 Life now, and both will be for the rest of our lives. I am even ordering a bunch of Daily 4 Life and handing it out as Christmas presents for my family and his. If anyone ever doubts the powers of our Daily4 Life, feel free to call me or email me. I will put those doubts aside.

Even if you have irritable bowels,bloating or bouts of abdominal pain,you should give Vitality 4 a try.For a information appointment with no obligation,please email me at and I will contact you promptly to arrange a call.


Diabetics Product Experience

As mentioned in my 1st post,I have aligned myself with a wellness product company,20years young,a fortune 500 company,debt free and they continue to manufacture enviromentally safe products for wellness.I am posting an email I received and hope this will give some hope for diabetics to manage this aweful illness:

As a diabetic Type II since April 2005 I have progressively moved from oral medications, to shots, to an insulin pump. In July 2008 I began on the Insulin Pump from Medtronic with an average blood glucose of 229 (12.72 mmol/l). By January 2009 it had lowered to an average of 184 (10.22 mmol/l) on the pump. Then my daughter talked us into trying her wellness company and I ordered the Vitality Pack 4 and began taking it daily. On March 6, 2009 my average blood glucose was 133 (7.4 mmol/l). Before Vitality Pack 4 it took six months to drop my daily average 45 (2.5 mmol/l) points. After beginning on the Vitality Pack 4 it took just over six weeks to drop the average 51 (2.83 mmol/l) points. To be clear, I made no other life style changes in exercise or eating habits, I just switched vitamins from Centrum Silver for Men to Vitality 4. What is really exciting about the numbers is the Third Party Monitoring. Each month I upload my Insulin Pump data to the Medtronic Carelink Monitor site and the numbers quoted above are reviewed each month by Medtronic and my Endocronologist. This is NOT just a feel good testimony - it is factually constructed and third party monitored.
I forgot to mention, that as a result of the extremely good results, my insulin usage has dropped by a complete refill a month (so far) which is a savings of a $50.00 co-pay per month.

I have enrolled with this wonderful company because of the relationship of wellness and spirit.Their products (over 400) all resonate to bring wellness and health to us.I am spreading the news here for anyone wanting to improve their wellness and enroll.You buy direct from the manufacture and save 30-40% on your products.You never stock product for sale or touch anyones money...just sharing the opportunity for wellness.I would be more than pleased to share with you the company as I cannot write the company name here and it will be removed from all postings.If you are interested in finding out more information about this great wellness company please send an email to and I will contact you and arrange for an information call.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog.I wanted to give back to my brothers and sisters, inspirational guidance and enlightenment that has guided me through most of my life. You may ask,"who am I" and "what qualifies you" to partake in this quest. I guess the simplest answer would be "life" and the "path" that I agreed to.
A touch of background may be in order here at this time.I discovered at the age of 8 that I had what some would call "gifts".These gifts would scare me more than give me a feeling of oneness,peace and tranquility but as years passed and events happened,in my 20's my gifts really started to surface.
To skip a lot of detail here,the short story is that I developed to be a channel.For those not familiar with the term spirit friends, I was able to "talk" to various spirit groups as my gifts strengthened.I went through my 30's and early 40's basically on spiritual paths and journey's and did everything from one on one sessions to talks with a room full of inquiring people.After a while I started getting a bad taste in my mouth and felt what I received and shared with people,didn't have the immediate impact on their growth that I thought it would.I felt troubled with the responses I was getting and took a few steps back to see what I had created.
Now you must remember that this period in my life was before the acceptance of "channels of spirit" and television talk shows that hosted and shared with the world people with similar gifts. So I was like a pioneer of sorts.I went through the doubting to even my family wanting to lock me up for observation for admitting I was talking to spirits.Well all this has past and I am now 55 years young.I haven't participated with the public much with my gifts unless I felt someone had crossed my path because they were guided. I have felt an emptiness the past few years for not sharing my gifts for those with questions and those looking for peace,joy, love and happiness.
So I'm here to share with you.I request that your questions and comments are positive in nature.The words in reply will not be lengthy but will enlighten and guide with the topic at hand.I feel comfortable using audio and video and will gradually move to that vehicle in the blog.Past videos will be archived for those wanting to go back and listen again.I have done many years of life coaching and also motivational speaking and will always try for upbeat and inspirational replies.All replies will be posted on the blog so if your looking for privacy I would suggest more of a general question and please do not include your name if you want to stay private.First names are always needed for your reply but other than that I look forward to hearing from you again.
My blog title also headlines Wellness.I know that frequency of vibrations of all things effect our wellness. I'm sure not just by chance, a new friendship introduced a company that has an exceptional product line of wellness products that resonate harmonically with our bodies and brings wellness when the health issues we experience prevent so many of us from enjoying life because of stress and anxiety of everyday life. I will be sharing many life changing testimonials from the use of these products and know that they will be a great addition to your journey of spirit and wellness.Information will be available for those who ask and I will accept all emails and will reply.
Please feel free to ask your life questions but remember this is not a game and replies have moved many.Questions will be answered by one of my spirit groups.Take a moment to understand that if you have found your way to my blog and you were moved to seek out the was not by chance but from one of your guides knowing that you may be lifted in a moment of need.

May light and love always be with you!