Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my blog.I wanted to give back to my brothers and sisters, inspirational guidance and enlightenment that has guided me through most of my life. You may ask,"who am I" and "what qualifies you" to partake in this quest. I guess the simplest answer would be "life" and the "path" that I agreed to.
A touch of background may be in order here at this time.I discovered at the age of 8 that I had what some would call "gifts".These gifts would scare me more than give me a feeling of oneness,peace and tranquility but as years passed and events happened,in my 20's my gifts really started to surface.
To skip a lot of detail here,the short story is that I developed to be a channel.For those not familiar with the term spirit friends, I was able to "talk" to various spirit groups as my gifts strengthened.I went through my 30's and early 40's basically on spiritual paths and journey's and did everything from one on one sessions to talks with a room full of inquiring people.After a while I started getting a bad taste in my mouth and felt what I received and shared with people,didn't have the immediate impact on their growth that I thought it would.I felt troubled with the responses I was getting and took a few steps back to see what I had created.
Now you must remember that this period in my life was before the acceptance of "channels of spirit" and television talk shows that hosted and shared with the world people with similar gifts. So I was like a pioneer of sorts.I went through the doubting to even my family wanting to lock me up for observation for admitting I was talking to spirits.Well all this has past and I am now 55 years young.I haven't participated with the public much with my gifts unless I felt someone had crossed my path because they were guided. I have felt an emptiness the past few years for not sharing my gifts for those with questions and those looking for peace,joy, love and happiness.
So I'm here to share with you.I request that your questions and comments are positive in nature.The words in reply will not be lengthy but will enlighten and guide with the topic at hand.I feel comfortable using audio and video and will gradually move to that vehicle in the blog.Past videos will be archived for those wanting to go back and listen again.I have done many years of life coaching and also motivational speaking and will always try for upbeat and inspirational replies.All replies will be posted on the blog so if your looking for privacy I would suggest more of a general question and please do not include your name if you want to stay private.First names are always needed for your reply but other than that I look forward to hearing from you again.
My blog title also headlines Wellness.I know that frequency of vibrations of all things effect our wellness. I'm sure not just by chance, a new friendship introduced a company that has an exceptional product line of wellness products that resonate harmonically with our bodies and brings wellness when the health issues we experience prevent so many of us from enjoying life because of stress and anxiety of everyday life. I will be sharing many life changing testimonials from the use of these products and know that they will be a great addition to your journey of spirit and wellness.Information will be available for those who ask and I will accept all emails and will reply.
Please feel free to ask your life questions but remember this is not a game and replies have moved many.Questions will be answered by one of my spirit groups.Take a moment to understand that if you have found your way to my blog and you were moved to seek out the was not by chance but from one of your guides knowing that you may be lifted in a moment of need.

May light and love always be with you!


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