Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Apprehension with Friendliness

Hi Everyone,

Well it's been about 1 week since signing onto Twitter and in stepping back and feeling all the vibes from the posts, that there is a geniune apprehension for people to be friendly to one another.Be it all the scams or just tired of being bomb barded with "try this and that" , everyone is under careful scrutiny.Is it a sign of the times?The bad economic conditions or just saturation of terrible news stories that news casters think the world needs to know?
I feel what happens in this state of being is people "missout" on legitimate connections and opportunities.How many tweets before a connection is made.However one thing is for sure,I'm finding a whole bunch of truly sincere folks that truly care about what they do and how they can help the world.Now all we all have to do is figure how we can unite this energy and make a difference.This almost makes me think of the Borg on Star Trek and the "collective".That was forced oneness but imagine the magnitude of positive energy and great acts of kindnes and love that a massive group could inflict on the world and make a huge difference to all who have yet to waken for the goodness of all mankind.


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