Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diabetics Product Experience

As mentioned in my 1st post,I have aligned myself with a wellness product company,20years young,a fortune 500 company,debt free and they continue to manufacture enviromentally safe products for wellness.I am posting an email I received and hope this will give some hope for diabetics to manage this aweful illness:

As a diabetic Type II since April 2005 I have progressively moved from oral medications, to shots, to an insulin pump. In July 2008 I began on the Insulin Pump from Medtronic with an average blood glucose of 229 (12.72 mmol/l). By January 2009 it had lowered to an average of 184 (10.22 mmol/l) on the pump. Then my daughter talked us into trying her wellness company and I ordered the Vitality Pack 4 and began taking it daily. On March 6, 2009 my average blood glucose was 133 (7.4 mmol/l). Before Vitality Pack 4 it took six months to drop my daily average 45 (2.5 mmol/l) points. After beginning on the Vitality Pack 4 it took just over six weeks to drop the average 51 (2.83 mmol/l) points. To be clear, I made no other life style changes in exercise or eating habits, I just switched vitamins from Centrum Silver for Men to Vitality 4. What is really exciting about the numbers is the Third Party Monitoring. Each month I upload my Insulin Pump data to the Medtronic Carelink Monitor site and the numbers quoted above are reviewed each month by Medtronic and my Endocronologist. This is NOT just a feel good testimony - it is factually constructed and third party monitored.
I forgot to mention, that as a result of the extremely good results, my insulin usage has dropped by a complete refill a month (so far) which is a savings of a $50.00 co-pay per month.

I have enrolled with this wonderful company because of the relationship of wellness and spirit.Their products (over 400) all resonate to bring wellness and health to us.I am spreading the news here for anyone wanting to improve their wellness and enroll.You buy direct from the manufacture and save 30-40% on your products.You never stock product for sale or touch anyones money...just sharing the opportunity for wellness.I would be more than pleased to share with you the company as I cannot write the company name here and it will be removed from all postings.If you are interested in finding out more information about this great wellness company please send an email to and I will contact you and arrange for an information call.


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