Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crohns Disease and Vitality 4

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In the previous post I spoke about a product Vitality 4 and how it has improved a diabetic 11 condition.Here is another email sent to me regarding a Crohn's patient.This really hit home to me as I have brothers who are twins that have had Crohn's since they were 9 years young and they are now 38.They have had numerous operations and suffer almost daily with terrible pains.Unfortunately also,my wife is suspected of having a type of Crohn's and will be going through the scope etc in the next month.The great news is she can start taking the Viltality 4 which in this next story is named Daily 4 Life.It is the same product but the company has changed the name to Vitality4:

I have been with a great wellness company now for a little over a year and a half. A few months after I joined, my husband was diagnosed with SEVERE Crohn's disease and was hospitalized.For those of you that do not know, Crohn's is passed on through genetics. My husbands brother has it also, but not severe. A Crohn's patient will in fact have this for the rest of their life...but how it will effect them depends if they can get it under control or not and keep it under control.With Crohn's, if your intestines stay ulcerated, it can lead to cancer, so many times they remove the section of intestine that is irritated. Crohn's disease also causes a low immune system, irregular absorption of nutrients and can lead to blindness to mention a few things. When he first was put on the med's, they seemed to have things a bit under control. But after a few months, things started up again-the pain, the bleeding, the exhaustion. They did many scopings, and tried MANY different meds over the next months to follow.About four months ago, the doctors were at the point that they told us he would be looking at surgery and having that section of his intestine removed and they scheduled the scoping for the first part of this month: this was about 3 months ago now.My husband and I both sat down and talked, and realized NONE of the meds they has been putting him on were doing anything, they actually seemed to be making him worse.We both agreed we had nothing to lose, so we took him off the steroids, med's, etc and put him on the wellness company's Daily 4 Life. He was on this for approx 2 months when we went in for the scoping. HE IS IN COMPLETE REMISSION!!!His intestines are healed over. NO ULCERATIONS!The wellness company and the Daily 4 Life truly have given us our lives back. We are both on the Daily 4 Life now, and both will be for the rest of our lives. I am even ordering a bunch of Daily 4 Life and handing it out as Christmas presents for my family and his. If anyone ever doubts the powers of our Daily4 Life, feel free to call me or email me. I will put those doubts aside.

Even if you have irritable bowels,bloating or bouts of abdominal pain,you should give Vitality 4 a try.For a information appointment with no obligation,please email me at and I will contact you promptly to arrange a call.


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