Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Was Reminded of a Story Today

Hi Everyone,

I had the pleasure of talking to someone today that reminded me of a story.I can't remember for the life of me if this was a received story or from someone that I heard it from so I will differ to the last scenario.
I hear this repeatedly,especially in the stressed up, pumped up world we live in today that "life has dealt them too much to handle".I'm sure that anyone who has been effected by the economy by a job layoff or your retirement funds lost in the market etc. would about be at their wits end,struggling to handle the unexpected losses.Choices,hard choices have to be made for self and for the family.
You've all heard that "God never gives you something you can't handle" and another one is "Whatever God has taken from you,you will receive something better in return."This state of "life" right now most in the world are experiencing,brings many different lessons to us.As we have talked about this before,prior to our existence,we have sat with highly evolved advisers and had our present life mapped out for us prior to coming into our present form, filled with lessons and karmic debt to pay back.If everything is flowing in our life and the world,we wouldn't recognize our lessons.In times of chaos,we pay attention!
Whatever we have to handle right now is the exact timing that was agreed by ourselves to participate in.We created it!If we acknowledge this,does it make it any easier to handle?No it doesn't.It does however signal something within us to step up our game.How did we get here.Not just you...or you...or you.I mean how did we get here as a whole? We "LET GO LET GOD"! Through the boom years,we didn't hesitate to buy a bigger house than we needed because money was flowing in like no tomorrow.We had no worries about loosing our jobs,or our nest eggs because we thought we all had competent bankers,brokers and investors looking after us and the gravy train would run forever.Did we all forget the saying "if it sounds to good to be true it probably is"?The gravy train kept rolling and we kept spending and charging and building our debt,not our retirement funds.In hind sight,if we knew then what would happen now,would we have acted in the same manner?Probably not.If we had not indulged in the luxuries of life as the boom years demanded,would the economy be where it's at?Probably not.So whats my point?
My story is the point I'm going to share now.Picture your divine presence in your culture (mine I call God) holding a pitcher full of wine.We are the wine glasses.God watches over all of us with a pitcher of wine and waits for the level of our glasses to drop."There's one" and God returns the level of our wine glass to a full level again.What just happened?The wine represents new experiences for us to participate in to learn our lessons.How did it drop in the first place?It dropped because we "LET GO" of something we could let go of now.That something was a lesson learnt leaving room now for something new.Sometimes we volunteer to let go of what we have but most times we are reluctant to let go because we have worked hard to get that or this or saved and scrapped to afford that new car or bigger house.So God must create chaos and crisis so we are forced to let go so he can now give us our next lessons.
Yes he's smiling as we act like someone not wanting to go to school but we are made to go kicking and screaming all the way because we also know we need to go.Now whats the message here.I'm going to type this in caps and bold."EVERYTHING,THAT HAS BEEN LOST IS MATERIAL IN NATURE"
The true kicker though is how we chose to handle the crisis.This is where the "LESSONS"are. It takes the same amount of energy to be sad or happy,smile or frown,hate or love.Whatever we lost we didn't have it before we got it and we most certainly can get it back because they are just material things.If we knew ahead of time this period in history would come and effect us so greatly,would it ease our reactions?Probably...that's just human nature.So what can we do about our present?SMILE and remember that God doesn't take something from us without giving us something better in return.The fact that you worked so hard or accomplished so much before it was taken, still doesn't and shouldn't take the pride you have for your achievements.If your in a situation that's looks like there's no answer's,surrender and let the answer come to you and remember one thing,you not in this alone!Everyone around you are our brothers and sisters.Someone will step up and hold you,guide you and help you until you see why God has taken what he took from you and then you will see clearly what you new path is and I know that you WILL be smiling as you get your gold star for learning your lesson.


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