Sunday, May 10, 2009

Would YOU Like to be a Medium?

Hi Everyone,

I spend a lot of time on the computer daily and being in the field of spiritual ways to receive guidance,it got me thinking, how many people would like to be a medium?A channel of sorts so they could receive direct guidance from their guides for starters.I can remember when I started with different modalities to facilitate my receiving gifts,I use to put myself through so many hoops to get to the altered state to connect with my guides and spirit groups so I could start a conversation and be enlightened about life issues I was curious about.I learnt to trim these with guidance of course and achieve my altered state relatively quickly when needed.
When I gave talks and group readings through altered states,many of the guests would come to me and ask if they could do what I do.Many were under the impression that it was very specialized for the really gifted soul.Looking back,it would seem a pretty daunting task for anyone not familiar with an array of techniques to attempt themselves to receive and then feel confident that they were actually connecting with their guides or some other entity from the other side.
I am a believer that we are all created equal including everyone having the gift to connect with their guides,guardian angels and the like.Many have taken courses to enhance their intuition,which is a form of receiving.I have decided to put together a step by step guide to becoming a channel so everyone who wants to tap into that infinite domain of knowledge and guidance,can do so for themselves.
I feel it's very important for everyone to at least connect with their guides.These are entities that are from our spirit family not our blood family although some can be from a present earth family or another lifetime.This will help you with a sense of who you are and you can receive answers to all those questions you only thought about.I will teach you how to reach an Alpha state which is needed to be effective and even a further deepening state to heal and connect with groups that have aligned themselves with you.
Please keep connecting with my blog here for further updates with this project.Comments are welcomed.


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