Thursday, May 21, 2009

Do You Feel Invisible?

Hi Everyone,

Do you work hard on your Facebook,Myspace or Twitter sites trying to make an impression?Whether your there to share,help add to someones life or working a business promo,we all feel many times that were invisible.Why is that? Let me share with you my bent on it.
Very few people have the ability to tap into the knowledge of mass interest.If you write about a hot topic you'll acquire the traffic that you are looking for and won't feel invisible.There are many search engines for your to locate the hottest topics of the day, week or month.Then set up a blog and start writing about what your thoughts feelings and emotions are about the topic and issues.if you give a different point of view than everyone else and make some common well thought out sense when you write and ad posts,then traffic will grow and they will return.
If you have Google AdSense then it is in your interest to highlight your point of view on these hot topics to get the clicks on your blog or site.Now I'm not saying this is a easy task.It's a lot of hard work doing research then giving your best effort to write your heart out.
I hope this helps you "get noticed".We all have good things to say.It's just finding the way for others to find you.


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