Saturday, May 9, 2009

A GREAT Wellness Company

Hi Everyone,

If you have been following this blog,you know that I have praised and promoted a wellness company because their over 400 products resonate vibrationally to the frequencies of everyone's inner light and wellness.You know that I've been a channel for over 30 years and this is one area I can relate to.
I went this morning to a product launch because this great wellness company was adding to their 400+ products.Agreements prevent me from naming this company in my blog so when you want to reach me to ask some further questions,and know everything there is to know to help you be informed who I'm ranting about, you can reach me at There were about 500 people to the launch this morning and it was quite exiting.
I've been involved with many MLM's and binary set ups etc and all have failed terribly.The disappointment came from investing in product or courses then being stuck with this product with almost no chance to return to get a refund when plans fell through.One thing about this wonderful company, they have set it up to make sure ANYONE enrolling has ZERO risk!"Whats that you say?" That's correct.Everything has a 100% satisfaction guarantee including the kit cost to get started.
The goal of the marketing executives (thats everyone that's enrolled) is primarily to get you to change stores where you shop.That means NO NEW MONEY because your only replacing what you buy everyday, week, month from their," direct from the manufacturer operation' and how would you like to save additioanlly 30-40% on the products you buy already?.This company was "Green" (20 years) even before this word started to become fashionable to promote it.Their products are environmentally safe and concentrated so you contribute less plastic to the dumps.Their products are superior to any commercial products you purchase in major stores like the big box stores and grocery stores and they work better than all the commercial products that use bleach and phosphates and a host of other chemicals which you will never find the likes of in any of their products.
If you think for 1 second this sounds like any other business you've tried,your so mistaken.I've been around a long time and have spent countless hours trying to create residual income streams and all of them have taken time and money from me and delivered nothing that they said they would.This wellness company is not asking for anything but to try their products and if you want to also have a solid no risk business...THIS IS IT! For any reason,your not impressed,you can send it all back.NO RISK...and a great commission and incentive program that stands alone in this world.
Enough with me talking.Make this opportunity for a solid,no risk business your PLAN B if you think you may get laid off work in this recession .If your already laid off,or would like some extra income,what are you waiting for.Email me.Let me share with you some GOOD news in this depressed economy.


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