Monday, May 4, 2009

To be a Channel of Guides,Angels and Spirit Groups

Hi Everyone,

I want to thank everyone visiting my blog.Being a channel for 30+ years I have experienced so much enlightenment and love from the spirit world.I remember the most common question was how did I know who I channeled was loving,good and Godly in nature?Basically if your good natured in the flesh then it is a reflection of your inner light.
We carry so much with us from lifetime to lifetime and I know when I mention this there are those of the belief that there is no such thing as reincarnation.I respect your opinions and beliefs but I for one believe in it strongly.I believe that we bring that which is good in us from lifetime to lifetime.Our Karmic lessons help us to deal with acts of negativity we created in a previous life.
Our destiny...oh there's another word that gets a reaction and debate every time it's mentioned, cannot be changed.I've always received that destiny are our points in life that are credited in shaping us and helping us to grow our spirit.We can't avoid that which we agreed upon prior to the existence but we do have FREE WILL on how we get from point A to point B.Some make choices to sit at point A and never move on and others move through their points of destiny very quickly experiencing lessons to brighten their light and knowledge within. The key though is we have the choice of free will whether we move or not move forward in this lifetime.
I did astrology for a while and I learnt that events during our life tell the story on the chart and events can be forseen on the chart before they happen but not how they happen.In life whether we have followed our path or not we cannot escape the Saturn return.Known as the task master,it will certainly make you aware whether you have followed that which you have agreed prior to the existence.At these times you can feel depressed and confused and question whats it all about.When I did readings and had people in there mid 50's sit and tell me they had paid there house off, put their kids through collage and had no debt etc and then share how empty they felt and all that they did hadn't brought them happiness and fulfillment in life, I knew that they were experiencing their Saturn return.So what does all this mean that I'm saying?
The point to all this is life isn't hard at all...we make life hard.Instead of the path of least resistance we grate life and take the path of most resistance.We hardly follow what we have agreed upon but never hesitate to follow the words from those that THINK they know whats best for us.So many many forks.
Keep checking back as I will post events and receiving that will stir your inner and raise thoughts and feelings long buried or shoved in a closet.To give a preview of whats coming,I know that we all have "The Gift" to channel and receive from our guides and souls that have chosen to align themselves with us.I have the gift to channel but I am not an exception but what God meant to be the norm. For everyone that's interested, I'm preparing something that will help you do just that...bring your GIFT to the surface and meet your guides and loved ones from the other side.No one has ever been alone and now you'll have that chance to see for yourselves instead of taking the word from someone else.


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