Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tripping Over Our Own 2 Feet

Hi Everyone,

Were in a time in our existences where spiritual enlightenment and awareness is abundant.Many people have discovered some gift or another they have and most times they are coming in multiples so we all have choices how to receive our guidance and enlightenment.
When I start a day and find I am not on my path of least resistance,I find myself tripping over my own 2 feet.I have a grand square that gets triggered every now and then and when my days have a string of obstacles I start thinking "my grand square is triggered".Then I over think and start talking to my guides and ask if it's Gods will that this be on my path at this time.The list can go on and on.
I guess I'm back to step one...surrender.All in Gods time...your will Lord not mine.The point is by using our wills sometimes we block that which is directly in front of us.Tomorrows another day :)


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