Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Fist of Love and Life

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever stopped,stepped back and pondered why you just had an argument with your spouse or one of the kids,or maybe the boss?It's forgot about the unconditional LOVE aspect in life.Yes I'm talking about that "U" word again.I have something I wanted to share that may help in changing that state of being to one of balance and peacefulness.
Make a fist with both hands then hold them out in front of you.Lets call the fist on your left arm "LOVE" and lets call the fist on your right arm "LIFE".Our confusion begins with understanding what things are "LOVE" and what are "LIFE" then choose the proper response.
You may disagree with what your wife/husband said over the dinner table or the fact he/she bought something you feel isn't needed but is it worth an argument?Is it enough to trigger silence between both of you for days?Do you find yourself verbally being abusive trying to make your point?Now step back and ask yourself "are you treating your spouse with respect and unconditional love?What just happened over dinner is called "LIFE".There is never any right or wrongs...just "LIFE"! No need to get hot and it certainly has nothing to do with your love for your spouse so it should be a friendly discussion with mutual respect and not interfere with "LOVE".
This goes for every relationship in life.Step back and realize it's just not worth it and certainly doesn't deliver anything positive and beneficial to the whole.So next time you find yourself getting hot under the collar,step back and remember to surrender,see what fist this has to do with and lots of "LOVE".


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