Monday, June 22, 2009

Here Today...Gone Tomorrow

Hi Everyone,

Today's pondering question is "Are you and the people around you happy?"

The world today is loaded with trials and tribulations for everyone.How do we handle it?Does it get the best of us and we take it out on our friends and loved ones?My wife and I were reminded again today how fragile life is.A young wife and mother of 3 young ones of my wife's hair dresser passed away last Friday from cancer.She had been in a battle and many of us thought she had turned the corner then she was rushed into the hospital where she couldn't be helped any further but it was her time to return home to her Heavenly Father.
Now stop and reflect on that.A vibrant young woman taken by cancer.As we travel through our day remember that we are still here,experiencing our lives.Be NICE to everyone.Choose to spread JOY... ALL the time.Are your problems as bad as this young woman who left 3 children to her husband?Just CHOOSE to be LOVING... ALL the time.
My condolences to not just those she left behind but to all those who have lost a loved one to cancer or any other illness or accident.We are still here not to live in pain of lose but to spread love and joy among us.Be gentle and most of all UNCONDITIONAL in that which you do to bring smiles to those in your lives.


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