Friday, June 12, 2009

As the Clouds Part...A Hug from God

Hi Everyone,

I have often talked about surrender.Probably THEE hardest testament to our constitution.Our society reminds us and pushes our lower forces to flex their muscles and about all unconditional oneness is lost to the temptations around us.
I have had a period of most resistance over the last year.I won't get into it but basically I've been in battle with my will and other wills around me.Everyone reading this can associate with what I'm saying.Somewhere through the mass of obstacles,a little bit of light emerges to give you encouragement that your approaching a state of enlightenment and a door will open for you to walk through to another plain and another test.
It's funny how it all reveals itself.I'm at a state of giddiness with my inner trying to burst from it's confines in celebration and yet there is only a sliver of light to grasp and call it hope.Interesting how the spirit knows well before we do what's around the corner.
For all those who feel the desperation of your outer environment and situation,never loose hope that change is just around the corner.It might not be in the color you thought it would be,or it may not be delivered as you thought it might.Remember...the answer and solution is what God knows you need.When the clouds start to part ever so slightly,reflect back on what you've just been through and find the patience and strength to go just a little further.You won't be walking alone...funny thing is,we've forgotten that we NEVER walk alone.


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